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Shanghai Sunye Power Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in February, 2012. The company is mainly specialized in high-frequency digital IGBT inverter welding equipment, photovoltaic inverter, application technologies of power communication as well as other high-tech products. We have outstanding performance through the whole process of research, trial production, manufacturing and sales. Legrand S.A is holding the controlling interest of Shanghai Sunye Power Technology Co., Ltd. Legrand S.A was founded in February, 1995. This modernized enterprise mainly focuses on low voltage electrical equipment. It's playing the leading role among the peer group in the export market of domestic low voltage electrical equipment. We integrates research, manufacturing and marketing as an organic whole. Details

Inverter welding machine is a new type of welding power supply. The working principle is as follows: First, power frequency voltage of AC network is converted to DC voltage after being rectified and filtered by the rectifier. Then, after the interchangeable effect of high-power switch electronic components like MOSFET or IGBT, the DC voltage is inverted to AC voltage with frequency ranging from tens of kHz to hundreds kHz.

Shanghai Sunye Power Technology Co., Ltd.

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